A GP fears patients could be at risk after reports of a traffic jam blocking a hospital car park entrance.

Dr Sally Godward said she has been stuck for more than half an hour trying to park at the Royal Sussex County Hospital.

She says she has been unable to leave the queue, or park, and says vehicles have not been told to avoid the area.

The GP said she fears the traffic jam could be affecting ambulances into the children’s A&E, and fears pollution caused from the traffic fumes.

But the NHS Trust operating the hospital site said traffic can often be a problem at Bristol Gate, but said no ambulances were put at risk.

Dr Godward said: “I’m likely to be stuck here for another hour. I have never seen it like this before. I did not see anyone warning us not to drive into the queue.

“Everybody is running their engines outside the children’s A&E, no one can access it, there is no way for the ambulances to get through.

“I should have been on duty, but I don’t think I will be out of here for another hour. I couldn’t be more frustrated.”

It is understood that there can often be traffic queues and congestion from the entrance with Bristol Gate.

The NHS trust says the traffic was nothing out of the ordinary, and said security staff are posted at the entrance to warn people about queueing traffic.

Have you been affected in the traffic jam? Email: aidan.barlow@theargus.co.uk or call 01273 021383.