Brighton Fringe: Crime Scene Illusion

Sweet Werks, Brighton

May 20 - May 26

IF YOU are a fan of crime dramas, magic and tall tales then this Fringe show could be exactly what you are looking for. With analysis of how to tell if someone is telling the truth, and plenty of surprises along the way, any budding investigator will want to check this out. Jamie Walker spoke to the show’s creator, Tracy Wise, to get the in-depth analysis behind Crime Scene Illusion.

Are you looking forward to your first Brighton Fringe?

Yes I am. It’s not just my first Brighton Fringe but my first fringe anywhere.

What are you looking forward to most about your first Brighton Fringe experience?

The energy of the festival.

Brighton has a certain something about it that makes any event that much more vibrant.

I’m looking forward to promoting storytelling magic and exploring the wide range of shows on offer.

I love Brighton and will be looking forward to sitting exploring The Lanes and taking a stroll along the seafront.

It’s changed so much it’s always an adventure to see what’s new.

What can people expect from Crime Scene Illusion?

It’s an innovative show that’s been several years in development.

It explores the world of crime scene investigation with magic and storytelling.

What can your handwriting say about you (profiling), can you tell if somebody is telling the truth through their body language and how reliable are witness statements and what can blood spatter tell us about a crime.

It’s an experiential show grounded in science, laced with magic and full of fun.

What was the inspiration behind the show?

I used to teach introductory courses in forensic psychology at the local college and would sometimes use magic to explain a theory or to put it into context.

My students were interested in historical cases and I designed a walk for them based on the Jack The Ripper case applying modern profiling techniques and magic.

This evolved into “The Whitechapel Murder Trail” and then Crime Scene Illusion.

What do you hope people will have gained when they step out of the show?

Curiosity. About forensics and about how magic can be presented in different ways.

So why is this the show to see this Fringe?

There’s nothing else like it.

Crime Scene Illusion is a unique blending of science, deception and the imagination, creating a world where magic can be murder.