GREEN Party activists returned to the site where MP Caroline Lucas was arrested as part of its European election campaign.

Voters will go to the polls again on Thursday, after Prime Minister Theresa May and Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn failed to reach an agreement over a deal to leave the EU.

The Greens are determined to win over new voters across Sussex and returned to Balcombe to raise awareness of environmental issues.

Brighton MP Caroline Lucas was arrested there for protesting against fracking in 2013.

She was accompanied by candidates and the party’s electric powered Stop Brexit Bus.

Addressing activists she said: “We’re in the midst of climate breakdown and today I visited a site that’s still seeking to use extreme methods to pull oil out of the Sussex ground, with Government encouragement.

“We have to stop doing this. That’s why the European elections are so vital. They’re about Brexit, of course – but they’re about more than that too.

“They’re a rare chance to vote for a safer, more hopeful future with an EU-wide Green New Deal that would also transform our economy, create new jobs and renew nature. “Only Green MEPs will make this a top

priority and ensure that we follow what the science demands, not what the other parties argue is politically possible.”

Previously on the campaign trail Labour Party activists set up outside Morrisons in St James’s Street in Brighton.

Labour MEP John Howarth accused Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage of being unable to accept blame if a “no deal Brexit” goes wrong.

He said: “Farage will attempt to claim a win as a mandate to win for no deal.

“They’re a party in favour of leaving with no deal. No sane political party could do that.

“When it all goes very wrong it won’t be Mr Farage accepting the blame.

“It’s not what the people voted for. It’s the worst of all worlds.”

But former Labour city council leader Warren Morgan, representing Change UK, says he expects the Conservative Party and Labour to struggle.

He said: “There are a lot of people who are saying that they’re not going to be Conservative or Labour.

“They don’t want to consider the Lib Dems either because of their memories of the coalition government and the Greens definitely aren’t an option.”

But the Liberal Democrats did enjoy some success in the recent council elections, and party activists were out in Hove to spread their message.

Candidate Elizabeth Craig went to the St Ann’s Well Gardens Spring Festival as well as going door to door.

She said: “These are turbulent political times, and we are strongly positioned as the strongest Remain party.

“We are demanding a People’s Vote on any Brexit deal, and have been fighting Brexit every step of the way.”