A COUPLE who claim to be the biggest Monty Python fans in Sussex are cementing their love for each other, and the franchise, with a special themed wedding.

John Wood, 59, from East Grinstead, and his fiancee, Gemma Harris, 35, believe they are the biggest Python fans not just the county but across Britain and are forking out nearly £30,000 for their big day.

The pair have been together for five years and don’t think there is another couple who could love the British comedy film, TV and album series as much as them.

The couple’s wedding will take place at The Ravenswood in Sharpthorne, near East Grinstead, and will of course be heavily focused around Python.

However, they have said there won’t be a silly walk down the aisle.

The main table will feature a giant, nine foot tall, parrot from the famous dead parrot sketch. There will also be a sculpture of an albatross sitting in an ice cream tray, a throwback to Python’s Hollywood Bowl show where John Cleese walks through the crowd serving albatross. And of course the wedding breakfast itself will feature a lot of spam.

When it comes to their special day the pair hope their guests will get involved.

Gemma said: “It’s nice that the guests can get involved... they’ll have to sing as well.

“About 90 per cent of our guests may not have a clue what we’re on about.

“We go into detail that only hardcore fans will do.”

John and Gemma met through Facebook, after John set up a Monty Python dating site.

John, who has seen Python’s musical Spamalot a whopping 19 times, said: “I wanted to have someone in my life who understands Python.

Gemma found out about the site after her uncle mentioned it and said that within a day John had messaged her and the pair got talking.

Two of the famous minds behind the Python series were even part of John’s proposal to Gemma in 2017.

John said: “Terry Gillian and Michael Palin were at a fundraiser at the London Roundhouse. It was on Gemma’s 33rd birthday. I got VIP tickets to the after party and thought that was a great time to do it.”