IMMIGRATION vans have been spotted around a building site that was previously raided by the Home Office.

Vans and police cars appeared outside the Bayside Apartments development at the old Aquarena site in Brighton Road, Worthing just before noon today.

One witness was parked at the Farncombe Road junction when he saw the vehicles parked outside the site.

He said: “There could have been 20 or 25 vehicles parked up there.

“Maybe they have found more illegal immigrants.”

The same site was raided in March, when the Home Office detained 17 men from Albania and India.

The Home Office said the return visit to the site was an intelligence led operation.

Checks were carried out and no further action will be taken.

“Immigration Enforcement officers visited a construction site on Brighton Road, Worthing, at 11.15am today (23 May) in response to intelligence around suspected illegal working.

“Staff checks identified no issues and no further action will be taken,” the Home Office said.

A spokesman for the developers described the second visit from immigration officials as routine.

“It was a routine follow up visit and 100% bill of health,” the spokesman said.