ROUGH sleepers who pitched their tents outside a town hall are beginning to move after being issued with court papers.

Traders said the group have been outside Brighton Town Hall for months.

They demanded to know why the group were not being moved on.

Now, Brighton and Hove City Council has issued the tents with court documents, informing those inside that legal proceedings will start next Wednesday.

One tent issued with papers is the home of Kieran Spiteri and Bernice Howley – the “homeless lovebirds” who camped for months in Duke Street, Brighton.

When The Argus visited today, it appeared some tents had already been packed away.

A council spokeswoman said: “Enforcement action has begun in response to concerns about tents pitched at Bartholomew Square.

“We’ve received complaints from local businesses and members of the public about antisocial behaviour and mess in the area.

“We’re also concerned about the wellbeing of those staying in the tents.”

The Argus understands that offers of accommodation and support were made to those inside the tents.

The spokeswoman added: “Outreach workers will continue to support those willing to engage with the service during and after enforcement action.”

The court papers were delivered today.

If the residents were inside, they were handed by notices by enforcement officers in person.

If not, the papers were taped onto the tents.

The papers inform the residents that an application to have them removed will be heard next Wednesday at Brighton County Court.

If successful, the council will then be able to take action to have them removed.

None of the residents wished to speak to The Argus.

Councillor Dawn Barnett, who called for the tents to be moved, said: “I understand people living in a tent if they have nowhere else to go.

“But the centre of town is not the right place.

“I’m pleased they are going and I now hope they find more suitable campsite to pitch which is away from the town.”