SEX is considered a taboo subject in the minds of many people.

But the owner of two of Brighton’s oldest sex shops is happy to make sure it is a family affair.

Tim Richardson, owner of Taboo, in Surrey Street, and Lust, in Gardner Street, finds himself selling adult toys, movies and accessories alongside his son, daughter, ex-wife, and current partner.

Tim said: “The main reason I wanted to bring my children into the company is because it is lovely to be able to work with your family.

“It just so happened that I am in the sex industry.

“It’s an unusual aspect to be working with your kids in that sector.

“But I’m very proud of what I’ve done with the business.”

Tim had run the business solo before bringing his family in.

The rest of the staff at the stores comprise Tim’s son Taylor, 23, daughter Kizzie, 19, former wife Nancy Berry and current partner Calandra Balfour.

Tim admitted that while there was some awkwardness to start with, and though there still can be at times, his family has become more comfortable with their respective roles.

He said: “For me and my son it’s OK to discuss things.

“I think he struggles talking about the products with his mum and my daughter might struggle to talk to me about certain things.

“When Kizzie was young she said she would never work in a sex shop.

“But when she got to about 17 or 18 she asked if there were any shifts going.”

Taylor adds that he is more comfortable with the idea now than when he first started.

The 23 year old said: “A lot of it was learning on the job.

“You don’t know how you’re going to act as a guy selling a female sex toy.

“I relaxed into it eventually but I was never prudish about it.

“I definitely didn’t like it when I was younger.

“I was at school with people who had parents who were lawyers and doctors.

“I just told them my dad ran a shop.

“Looking back now I regret it because I’m very proud of what he’s accomplished.”

Tim and Taylor mainly work in Taboo, while his former wife and daughter work in Lust.

Tim says that while Taboo is more of a traditional sex shop, Lust is more open and that customers often don’t realise it is a sex shop until they walk through the door.

The interesting family involvement in the team that runs Taboo and Lust has drawn nationwide attention and will now be the focus of a show on Channel 4.

Tim said: “About seven months ago they came to us and asked us to be on the show.

“They filmed for two months.

“They filmed us at home and at work.

“We don’t know what’s coming, we just hope we are still talking afterwards.”

A Very British Sex Shop airs on Channel 4 on Bank Holiday Monday at 10pm.