A GANG of youths called a man a “f***ing foreigner” before beating him unconscious in a late night racist attack.

Ioannis Kokkinos begged the group to leave him alone, before they punched, kicked and threw bottles at the Greek man after knocking him out in the street.

The 39-year-old is struggling to walk after suffering a dislocated shoulder, a rotated calf, and serious bruising in the 4am attack in West Street, Brighton, last month. Mr Kokkinos said: “They were like animals laughing.

“I heard one of them say ‘he’s a f***ing foreigner get him down’ I was begging them to leave me alone but they kept going until I fell unconscious.

“I don’t remember much after that but my friends have told me what happened.”

Mr Kokkinos was out with four work friends in Coalition nightclub on May 14.

While walking home. they were approached by a group of about nine “teenagers” who demanded to know where they were from.

The gang then punched Mr Kokkinos in the face, leaving him dizzy, before stealing a bag off a woman he was out with.

Mr Kokkinos said he tried to escape but the gang followed him along the street.

CCTV footage, which Mr Kokkinos found himself, shows the moment the gang tackled the bartender to the ground and kicked him on the floor.

Mr Kokkinos said one of the group tried to stab one of his friends with a broken bottle during the minute-long attack before throwing it “centimetres” above his head.

Two female friends then put themselves between the attackers, after the group said they would “not hurt girls”

Mr Kokkinos said this saved him from further injuries. He said: “When they were done they shouted to the girls ‘our job is done’ and ‘no police or we will find you’. But I will not stop trying to find them as they need to be arrested and justice has to be served.”

A Sussex Police spokesman said: “Police have investigated a racially aggravated assault, which is reported to have occurred in West Street, Brighton, about 4am on April 15

“Officers have engaged with the victim throughout, and advised him that no suspects have been identified and there are no further lines of enquiry at this stage.

“We can understand the victim’s frustration and the investigation will be reviewed should any new evidence come to light.