A BUS sheltering homeless people has been given a parking ticket.

The Sussex Homeless Support buses on Brighton seafront were visited by parking wardens yesterday afternoon.

The wardens issued one of the buses, along with a minivan which helps charity members get around, with a £75 charge for parking on a yellow line.

Witnesses say the wardens were “apologetic”.

Jim Deans, founder of the charity, said that an agreement was in place and he has no intention of paying the fine.

He said: “I don’t think they have a wheel clamp big enough for a bus.

“We’re not paying, we will go through the appeal process, but we have already had offers of people to pay it.”

The buses provide shelter for eight homeless men and one woman.

People are given food, a safe place to sleep and bikes to travel to local support services.

The buses are connected by a shed built by Levellers drummer, Charlie Heather.

Opposite to the shed are two chemical toilets which are emptied and cleaned once a week.

Upstairs on the busses, there are beds to sleep and cupboards to keep possessions.

Downstairs, there is a lounge area with a corner sofa and a TV.

Those inside will sit and watch a film together most evenings.

Mr Deans said: “Nobody wants to have homeless buses in Sussex, including me.

“But we have to if there is no accommodation in the city”

Mr Deans said that he is happy to move the van, but a suitable location has to be found.

He said he gave three options to the council, Wild Park, East Brighton Park and King Alfred.

Mr Deans said: “I want to move, there are so many big events that close the seafront like the marathon.

“And there’s car racing every night – we don’t want to be here.

“But there aren't too many places that two double-decker buses, two toilets and a generator are not going to disrupt the area.”

Brighton and Hove City Council has now cancelled the parking tickets.

Cllr John Allcock, chairman of housing and new homes committee, said: “We’ve cancelled the tickets issued to the Sussex Homeless Support vehicles parked on the seafront.

“We value the good work being done by the charity to support homeless people in the city and how this supplements the wide range of services the council provides for those in need.

“Yesterday, parking enforcement officers issued penalty charge notices (PCN) to the vehicles following a complaint about parking in the area.

“These issues will be looked into and we’ll be talking with everyone involved to resolve the situation.”