A SUMMER bin strike is now “very likely”, a union boss has said.

The GMB, the union representing staff at Brighton and Hove’s Cityclean services, today told the council it intends to hold a ballot to strike from June 3.

It says the potential action has been prompted by Brighton and Hove City Council’s “anti-trade union attacks”.

Its previous ballot of members, which was held to gauge support for a strike, showed nearly 92 per cent of bin men agreed with industrial action.

This next ballot, if passed, would see disruption to the city’s bin services throughout July, August and September.

Union boss Mark Turner said: “Based on information we have, I say it is very likely that our members will vote to strike.

“The problem is that now we’re locked into the process, with the ballot closing on June 17.”

Tensions are running high after the union discovered what it called “mountains” of files had been kept on one union representative.

Union bosses said the discovery of the “secret dossier” was evidence of the council’s “anti-trade union agenda”.

But the Cityclean boss said no secret information was held on employees.

The union claims to have further evidence of “anti trade union attacks”.

It wants the council’s chief executive, Geoff Raw, along with his team to go through mediation with the union.

Gary Palmer, GMB regional organiser said: “I’m just not sure that Geoff understands the need for, or even wants immediate action on the council’s part to resolve this matter.

“So while the GMB wait for Geoff and his management team to finish deliberating over diary availability, we find ourselves needing to move to protect our members position through enacting the formal industrial process, in case BHCC filibustering continues.

“ACAS involvement in conciliation at Cityclean is the key to resolving what is for us, a serious threat to future industrial relations throughout the whole of the city’s workforce if not challenged now.

“Geoff’s refusal to distance himself from the poor professional practices of a few anti-trade union managers at the depot is disturbing.

“But getting around the table to hear his views on why he thinks it important to back such anti-trade unionists is important to the future success of Cityclean and the services it provides to the city, will be interesting to say the least.”