A RESTAURANT owner who gained nationwide fame on a hit TV show is bringing her food to a pub for one weekend only.

Charita Jones, well known locally as Momma Cherri, rose to fame in 2005 when her restaurant Momma Cherri’s Soul Food Shack was featured on the popular Channel 4 show Gordon Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares.

The show, which ran in the UK and US from 2004 until 2014, saw celebrity chef Gordon Ramsey travel to struggling restaurants across the country.

Momma Cherri’s became famous on the show because it was a rare occasion where Gordon Ramsey actually liked the food on offer.

The restaurant in Little East Street, Brighton, shut in 2009

But she is bringing her soul food to a pub for just two days.

Today and tomorrow, Momma Cherie will be heading up a special pop up soul food shack at The Foghorn in Boundary Road, Portslade.

Some of the dishes on offer include catfish goujons - which Ramsey said on the show were “very delicate and light”, sweet potato wedges and fried chicken.

Food will be on offer at the new micro-brewery, which opened late last year, from 3pm until 9pm on both today and tomorrow.

Tommy Bowen, co-owner of The Foghorn, said: “One of our regulars is actually married to Momma Cherie.

“We’ve been doing pop-ups for a little while and he brought her in to talk to us.

“It’s going to be very unique food from a local celebrity and you won’t get anything like it around here for a while at least.”

The Foghorn has already hosted a pop up from the popular Curry Leaf Cafe and will host another from Pizzaface in June.

Momma Cherri rose to fame on Kitchen Nightmares and viewers were left surprised when Gordon claimed the food was “delicious”.

A regular occurrence on the show is Gordon spitting out food from struggling restaurants because it tastes disgusting.

But when eating at the Soul Food Shack he said: “The ribs are so tender. It tastes phenomenal.

“This is the first time I’m going back to the kitchen with an empty plate.

“It made me feel I was back at my mums.”

Momma Cherri could not contain her excitement at the fact that Gordon loved her food.

The celebrity chef stayed for a week and helped revamp the restaurant.

The Soul Food Shack did see a boost in business but still closed in 2009, four years after the episode aired. Since then Momma Cherri has become somewhat of a celebrity herself, appearing on TV and releasing a cookbook.