Brighton is known as a popular tourist destination across the world. So on this day ten years ago The Argus went to shops across the city to find out whether traders accept currencies other than the pound. We also went out to enjoy the sun at the carnival in Hove Park.

Hundreds flocked to Hove Park over the May bank holiday to enjoy the Lions Carnival

With food, fun and fairground attractions all on offer it’s no wonder the day proved so popular, especially when the weather was so nice

Were you one of the hundreds of people who turned out to enjoy the fun in the sun over the weekend?

If you were let us know and tell us your memories of the carnival?

Was it as nice as the pictures suggest?

And do businesses in Brighton accept the Euro?

Jonathan Dickson, 40, of Scoop and Crumb, Brighton, said the ice cream parlour did not

Sema Ugur, 51, of Bellis Shop, Brighton, said the store did not accept the currency

Jeremy Sanders, 39, in his gallery on the seafront, said that he would accept Euros