A WOMAN throttled her ex partner in a pub after a row.

Jay White admitted attacking her ex Chelcie King at the Post and Telegraph in North Street, Brighton in November last year.

At Brighton Magistrates’ Court she admitted an assault charge.

The court heard that the pair had been in a “toxic” relationship and had sometimes assaulted each other.

Despite breaking up, they agreed to meet each other to go ice skating at the Royal Pavilion Gardens.

At the pub Ms King declined White’s offer to stay at a hotel together, because she was in a new relationship.

This angered White, who became angry after downing gin, and squeezed the throat of her ex partner, the court heard.

“Your brother thinks you’re an ugly b**** and hates you,” she said.

In court, Martina Sherlock, prosecuting, said White had told Ms King that she still loved her.

Ms Sherlock said: “There was an argument between them that escalated.

“Ms White said Ms King’s brother hated her.

“Ms King told Ms White to ‘get out of my sight’, which triggered White as she grabbed Ms King by the throat.

“She squeezed it and said ‘what did you f****** say?’

“Ms King pleaded with her to stop squeezing as she would stop breathing. Staff came over and asked her to leave.”

White, of St Aubyn’s, Hove, admitted the assault to police at interview. She has problems after being born with foetal alcohol syndrome, and mental health issues. Magistrates agreed to prepare a pre-sentence report with the probation service.

White now faces a new sentencing hearing at the court on June 13.