A DISABLED woman was horrified to find footage of a man brutally kicking her cat in the face.

Angela Akehurst, from Manor Way in Uckfield, checked her CCTV after hearing from neighbours about a ‘dodgy man’ in the area.

The suspicious character was going door to door offering tobacco to residents, but asking for money up front before delivering it.

When looking at the footage she was devastated to find a man walk to her doorstep and aggressively kick her cat, Biscuit, in the face before knocking on her door.

The pet suffered a split lip and broken tooth after the whack.

The Argus:

She said: “It was nothing but a nasty and unprovoked attack on an innocent cat sitting outside his home, sitting in the sunshine.

“There was a guy going door to door upsetting residents, snooping in gardens and offering goods for money upfront.

“So many neighbours came outside saying ‘who was that dodgy guy’.

“I saw CCTV and realised my cat had been injured.

“The vet was horrified and said Biscuit was a very lucky cat despite the way he got kicked. He was traumatised.”

Ms Akehurst said the man was also spotted in Buxted.

She said: “I am not sure what they are up to, but my poor cat.

“I feel very vulnerable myself being disabled, and of course the elderly must do. Before he knocked on my door he removed my sign saying no cold callers.

“I just hope with getting word out people will come forward about this.”

The Argus:

A police spokesman said: “Police have been alerted to suspicious activity in Manor Way, Uckfield, on Tuesday afternoon.

“One householder answered the door to a man offering tobacco for sale, but asking that money was paid up front prior to supply.

“While visiting the property the man was captured on CCTV kicking the owner’s cat while walking past it on a path.

“In further incidents in Manor Way the same afternoon, possibly involving the same man or an accomplice, other householders were asked if any gardening work was available.

“Both the local police prevention team and trading standards have been made aware. Meanwhile, officers ask that residents receiving similar visits report it to police as soon as possible.”

Police have said they would like to speak to the man in the video in connection with the incident.