As if we might be interested, or even envious, you have written about the richest people in Sussex (Argus 23 May).

Of course, you are mistaken.

I know this because I, myself, am one of the richest people in our county.

Let me explain: I am rich by having many amazing adoring friends.

I am rich with a devoted loving family.

I am rich because my life is free of anxiety worry and stress.

My wealth is my freedom and the love of my fellow citizens where I live.

I have a modest income that is enough to pay the bills.

I eat moderately because I enjoy simple healthy food.

My health is excellent and looks to remain so for many years.

My comfortable smallish home is no burden on my lifestyle.

I exercise, cost free, by swimming daily in our lovely sea.

I have a 21-year-old car that never lets me down.

It is largely used locally to help neighbours who have no car.

I enjoy meaningful voluntary work.

My wealth is not locked uselessly away in safes and banks, nor counted in Pounds or Euros.

The true measure is the bounty of idyllic happiness that life has given to me at the age of 86 years.

Ruth Rose

St Martins Crescent