THE Greens have won the most votes in Brighton and Hove in the European Parliament elections.

The party was the clear winner in the city with more than 32,000 votes.

The Lib Dems came second with 20,000, and the Brexit Party came third with almost 16,000.

But the Brexit Party was the overall winner in the South East, followed by the Lib Dems.

Brighton and Hove Mayor Alexandra Phillips was elected as Green MEP for the region.

She said: "Wherever you've come from, I am here to work for you."

Nationally the Conservatives and Labour suffered heavy losses.

Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage said the two main parties "could learn a big message" from the results.

Here are the results for Brighton and Hove in full.

  • Greens 32,594
  • Lib Dems 20,337
  • Brexit Party 15,914
  • Labour 11,875
  • Conservative 4,739
  • Change UK 4,478
  • Ukip 944
  • UK EU Party 219
  • Socialist Party 180

Meanwhile the Brexit Party has won overall in the South East region.

  • Brexit 915,686
  • Lib Dem 653,743
  • Green 343,249
  • Conservative 260,277
  • Labour 184,678
  • Change UK 105,832
  • Ukip 56,487

Other results from across Sussex are as follows: