The new mayor of Brighton and Hove has been elected to the European Parliament tonight.

Alexandra Phillips, who sits on Brighton and Hove City council, has been elected as a Green MEP fore the South East region.

The former teacher said on Twitter:

"It's the honour of a lifetime to be elected as an MEP for South East England. I want to make something very clear to those living in this part of the UK.

"Many of you weren’t born in our country, you have made a home here more recently. I stand with you.

"Many of you didn’t have a vote in this election, some of you were denied one even though you had a legal right to one. I stand with you. I am *your* MEP.

"And I have a message for those MEPs elected across the country this evening who aim to use their position in Brussels to spread fear and hate. The demagogues dressing up as democrats. I will stand against you.

"I will not hesitate to make the case for an open society - and for a country where people feel at home whether they’ve been here 5 weeks or 50 years. So wherever you've come from, I am here to work for you."

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