A DAD who baked a veggie pie for Jeremy Corbyn hopes this will not be his last brush with the upper crust of society.

Father of two Gavin Williams presented a spinach, mushroom, and asparagus pie to the Labour leader when he visited Worthing on Thursday.

Mr Williams said Mr Corbyn was “shocked” when the baker emerged from his house on Queen Street to give him the pie – which even had the MP’s name on.

The 45 year-old said: “The local Labour party said there was going to be a high-profile political guest coming on Thursday.

“I thought it could be Jeremy Corbyn so I made him a pie.

“When I saw him coming down the road I went up to him and it probably looked suspicious that I was walking to him with a mysterious box.

“He seemed really surprised when I gave it to him.

“He said he’d had a terrible meal on the train down here so he was looking forward to sharing it around on the train.”

Mr Williams, who described himself as “Labour through and through”, added that Mr Corbyn had got on well with Worthing residents.

He said: “I think he’s visited Worthing a few times before. He spent quite a lot of time here. It was all very relaxed.

“He just seemed generally nice, he was talking to people and asking plenty of questions.

“I am behind everything he does and I’m a big Labour supporter.”

This is not Mr Williams’ first brush with fame, however.

His one-man operation – Magpies Magnificent Pies – has previously made personalised pastries for Happy Mondays singer Shaun Ryder, illustrator Ralph Steadman, and BBC Radio 6 presenter Mark Radcliffe.

The Newcastle native said he would most love to bake for his idol Robert de Niro or Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl.

He has been baking in his kitchen since 2011 and balances his pie-making with parenting, looking after son Paddy and daughter Isla.

Mr Williams said: “I bake to order for restaurants and cafes, plus I sell them at farmers’ markets too.

“I have to fit my baking around the kids. I have a nine year-old and six year-old that I have to take on the school-run, so the pie-making fits around them.

“I’d like to set up my own little shop in the future, although it doesn’t seem like a good time with a lot of shops closing.”

To see more of Mr Williams’ pies, visit magpiesmagnificentpies.com