NEIGHBOURS are fighting plans to build flats for low-paid workers – with one saying they resemble an “inner-city ghetto”.

The plans submitted by Brighton and Hove City Council and Hyde Housing include six blocks of flats on land east of Coldean Lane, with two seven-storey blocks and four six-storey buildings.

The 250 homes would include a mix of flats for shared ownership and for rent, plus 162 parking spaces, wildlife areas and children’s playgrounds.

Dozens of comments objecting to the plans from neighbours have been sent to the council website as well as a small number supporting the scheme.

Concerns include the impact on wildlife and trees as well as the spread of shared houses for students in Coldean and the wider area.

One said: “In these so-called days of green development this is contra to all the council’s policy.

“The area in question is already vastly over-developed and over-populated, especially HMOs [houses in multiple occupation].

“The roads cannot cope with extra traffic. This is not only sheer greed of developers. It is a tragedy in waiting to further ruin the environment and another green space lost forever.”

Another said: “More valuable land used by our precious wildlife would be lost if this building development proceeds.

“Badgers, other mammals, reptiles, birds and insects will lose their homes due to this development. Build in the city if these homes are needed. Leave the wildlife in peace.”

Other neighbours were concerned about the size and look of the buildings.

One wrote: “In scale, they match the projects of South Bronx.

“They have inner-city ghetto writ large all over them. Except they are not in the inner city. They are as far out of the city as it is possible to go.”

Another comment said: “This is a poorly designed scheme which lacks character. It over-develops the site without appropriate consideration of context or its inhabitants.

“It does not contribute to the development of sustainable neighbourhoods.”

There is support from the Brighton Society as its members think it is a good use of a triangular patch of land.

The society said: “The six apartment blocks seem to be sensitively located to take good advantage of a triangular sloping site and to be pleasant in appearance.”

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