A MAN left horrified by recent cat killings has shared how he keeps his beloved animals safe.

Cautious Malcolm Brown has installed a “cat-proofing” system in the garden of his Southwick home to protected his three pedigree pets from harm.

The feline fanatic has attached black netting to his garden fence – which he says will defend his pets against attack.

The 53-year-old said: “I read with disgust and anger of the killing of cats in the Brighton area but I am also aware that this has also been happening around the country.

“The person carrying out these sick attacks is obviously a degenerate that needs to be caught as soon as possible and hopefully will get caught on CCTV at some point soon.”

Mr Brown, who works as a tiler, said the defence system allowed cats “the freedom to wander outside as they please” but kept them safe in the garden and “out of danger of either being killed on the road, attacked by other animals, stolen or indeed coming to harm as some poor cats have”.

Now he wants to make more cat owners aware that such protective measures are available.

He said: “I’m not sure that a lot of cat owners are aware that these systems exist but they work brilliantly.

“At first it can look quite severe but it is not as intrusive as it sounds and it also works as a burglar deterrent.

“Mine has been up for five years now and I’ve had no problems with any escapes or indeed any other cats in the garden.”

Malcolm said he had the system installed because he did not want his cats “running around in the neighbourhood”.

He said: “This protection has been absolutely brilliant.

“With it, people don’t have to worry about my cats being run over or being a victim of the horrible people who are going around killing cats in the city.”