DRAMATIC footage shows how a boy was rescued from the sea in "horrendous" conditions.

The 13-year-old got into trouble at Black Rock beach, Brighton on Saturday shortly before 5pm.

His friends were unable to help him, so called 999, sparking a desperate response from emergency services.

A council lifeguard waded into the massive waves near the marina to reach the boy, but was himself not able to get the boy out.

RNLI Lifeboat volunteers said the area is one of the most dangerous places to attempt a rescue because the waves are so unpredictable.

Brighton helmsman Daniel Gurr said: "A team effort from all emergency services saw a young boy’s life saved today as well as his rescuer.

"The conditions on scene were tough as this is one of our most dangerous areas for rescues due to the unpredictable waves.

"We urge everyone who come down to the seafront to Respect the Water and if in doubt speak to the local lifeguards.

Coastguard teams from Eastbourne and Shoreham were also called, and described the conditions as "horrendous".

Footage shows the moment the lifeboat reached the pair in the water to take them to safety.

The Argus:

The lifeboat was battered by giant waves as it left the scene and took the boy to Brighton Marina where an ambulance was waiting.

On Saturday police praised one of the boy's 12-year-old pals for staying calm on the phone to the emergency services.

Chief Inspector Roy Hodder said: "This young lad was lucky and a lot of the credit for his safe rescue must go to his friend who showed remarkable calm on the phone to us.

"His amazing clarity of information enabled his swift recovery from the water by the RNLI team.

"It is very easy for your feet to be swept from under you and you can be dragged into deep water and some way offshore in next to no time.

"Please take care and also make sure that even though it all looks very exciting, youngsters are fully aware of the dangers."

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