The sun has come back to Brighton and so plenty of Instagram posts this week feature the beach.

Reporter Jamie Walker has once again been searching social media for the top Instagram posts of the week.

Take a look and see what you think of the latest selection.

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1. Levitating Lara

The Argus:

Brighton actress @laraheller may not be in the city at the moment as filming duties see her mainly based in Los Angeles. But she still takes time to update her fans on her life, and really likes to keep active

2. Pretty pup

The Argus:

This adorable little guy is @bennythebichonfrise who loves having his photo taken in and around the city

3. Super seagulls

The Argus:

It can be a little daunting when the city’s seagulls are flying en masse overhead – but they make a great picture as this photo by @black_and_bright proves

4. Sunny seaside

The Argus:

Another great shot of the seaside from the aptly named @brighton Instagram page

5. Stunning sunsets

The Argus:

This wonderful picture, left, shows the sun setting over the rooftops of Brighton.

The @brighton.streets Instagram page took this photo – we are not sure where they were standing to nail the shot but it certainly is a spectacular view.

6. Seaside shots

The Argus:

The beach is a great place for a selfie, especially when the sun is setting and the light is just right. @cami_anfossi shows how to pose as the sea goes out

7. Super scenery

The Argus:

As mentioned elsewhere on this page, Brighton is a colourful city.

@meandwanderlust took this beautiful and moody picture of the skies over Brighton seafront

8. Picturesque pavilion

The Argus:

The Royal Pavilion is a favourite spot for Instagram users such as

@miabalenciaga, pictured right.

This slightly unusual image shows off the majesty of our most unique building.

Whether you are local or a tourist, there is no denying the Royal Pavilion is an eye-catching wonder

9. Hotel heaven

The Argus:

@oliviadoreen took this picture at the Charm Hotel in New Steine, Brighton

10. Rainbow road

The Argus:

Colour is part of life in Brighton, a city with plenty to be cheery about. Here are the rainbow lights in Trafalgar Street