A WOMAN was convicted of making false claims about a man to the NSPCC.

Kirsty Botting harassed the man in Brighton, who The Argus has chosen not to name, and even made false claims to his bosses.

She sent him messages and made phone calls, and cancelled a hospital appointment for him.

Brighton Magistrates’ Court noted that the 30-year-old had also sent a message that was grossly offensive or obscene, and caused £200 worth of damage to the man’s Sony games console in December last year.

Botting, of Bexhill Road, Brighton, was guilty of three charges concerning sending messages or phone calls, and a criminal damage charge.

Court documents suggest that she committed a “period of intense harassment which included cancelling a hospital appointment, contacting employers and putting false accusations”.

She was given a 16-week suspended prison sentence and was ordered to pay £100 in compensation for the damage.

Botting must also complete 15 rehabilitation sessions, and was put under a restraining order.