PASSENGERS are facing delays this morning after an electricity failure.

Services from Eastbourne have been hit by the problem, with trains unable to enter or leave the station.

At the moment Southern Rail services between Eastbourne and Hampden Park have been suspended.

There are delays reported between Hampden Park and Hastings, and Hampden Park and Lewes because of the electricity supply problem.

Southern has told passengers that the problem could continue until noon today.

The company said: "A failure of the electricity supply at Eastbourne station is resulting in disruption to trains this morning.

"Trains are currently unable to enter or depart Eastbourne station. Where possible, services will start and terminate at Hampden Park.

"A normal service is expected to resume from 12:00.

"Your journey this morning between Lewes, Eastbourne and Hastings will be heavily impacted.

"You are advised to travel later if possible.

Travel times will be increased and may involve taking alternative routes or operators to reach your destination."

Southern has provided information to passengers about alternative travel arrangements on its website.

It says replacement bus services have also been asked for.

But the company said: "Earlier this morning reports were received of an issue with the electricity supply at Eastbourne, this in turn has affected the track circuits at both the station, and the train sidings at Eastbourne.

"Trains are currently unable to move at Eastbourne at this time. Engineers are on site, and are attempting to resolve the issue. Investigations are ongoing.

"The initial assessment is that this is a complex issue and will take some time to resolve.

"We will keep you updated with any developments as we receive the information."

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