DESPITE the disapproval of many residents the Brighton naked bike ride went ahead again on Sunday. 

Thankfully due to some publicity our family were pre-warned and avoided the area. 

This prevented a repeat of a previous incident when we were caught up in the chaos and saw a man on the pavement by the children’s playground exposing his genitalia while happily posing for photographs.

My young son asked if the man was going to be arrested.

On any other day that would be the case, why not then?

As a keen cyclist I support the aims of the bike ride but I don’t support the fact that people think it’s OK to do it naked, whatever its supporters think and say, it’s offensive and inconsiderate to many and not everyone is able to avoid it.

The cost of policing this event is significant and given the attendance and “party atmosphere” the participants should at least be paying for the costs, not taxpayers. 

A contribution from organisers to local businesses who are unduly affected by the ride would also be a decent gesture.

Reports of large numbers of Brighton hire bikes being used are of concern. These bikes are partly grant funded from the council and other organisations and their use for political purposes isn’t appropriate or hygienic for future users and the staff who have to maintain them. 

How do American Express feel about The Amex sponsored bikes being used in such a manner when it clearly causes upset in the community? Going forwards if the naked ride can’t be constrained to a more limited area of the city, for example the east end of Madeira Drive, a full ban should be considered by the authorities. 

I encourage all those who disapprove of the ride and especially if direct offence was caused on the day to make their feelings known to the police, the council and the sponsors of the hire bikes.

I wish the participants of the bike ride well in their environmental campaign.

Put some clothes on next time and it will be OK.

Pete Gillman