RESIDENTS have rubbished a national poll calling Bognor Britain’s worst seaside resort.

A survey of nearby 3,000 holidaymakers by consumer group Which? rated the town as the joint-worst resort in the country alongside Clacton in Essex.

Bognor received a 47 per cent rating by travellers who took the survey.

But Councillor Sandra Daniells, who represents Bognor on Arun District Council, said the poll was harsh on the resort.

She said: “I live here so it’s hard to be objective but we always seem to be getting bad press. What more do they want?

“Yes, the town needs a bit of a facelift.

“But Butlins would never have put in millions of pounds into a new swimming pool in our town if they didn’t think people would come.

“It’s a quiet, nice place. If you go to Brighton or Worthing there’s so much noise. Bognor has got a traditional feel to it.

“Our climate is so much better than Clacton’s, surely we have that going for us.”

Cllr Daniells said worries about safety and antisocial behaviour in Bognor were unfounded.

She said: “I live right in the town centre by myself and I walk my dog at night and feel completely safe.

“People say it’s dangerous but it’s just social media whipping up scares about antisocial behaviour.

“It’s a vicious circle when things get reported and then more people get scared and paranoid and jump on new incidents.

“Of course we have some problems with antisocial behaviour but it’s the same issue with anywhere else.

“We’re getting there and hopefully this time next year we’ll be near the top of the list.”

Councillor Jim Brooks, who also represents the town on Arun council, said he felt the poll was “disappointing and unfair”.

He said: “All British seaside resorts are suffering because of the upsurge in holidays abroad.

“But we are very family oriented. It’s a really nice, warm, friendly place.

“We have one of the best climates in the country thanks to the lovely South Downs.

“We have got lovely parks as you would find in any other seaside resort.”

Mr Brooks added Bognor has “soul”.

He said: “We have a vibrant town with plenty of old charm, but we also have plenty of modern facilities.”