A WOMAN who set a trend for divorce parties is celebrating ten years since she untied the knot in style.

Jo Wallace, originally from Brighton, threw a divorce party when she split from her former husband about ten years ago.

She and her friends dressed up as brides on a night out in Hove to celebrate and her story went global.

Jo had set the divorce party trend all over the world.

She is now happily married and lives in New Zealand with her husband Hamish, 42, and her little boy Cooper, four.The Argus:

Jo, 41, said: “It’s mad. It started with a group of us on Hove beach having some drinks that night.

“Now I have people messaging me from Canada, Australia and the USA asking me about how I am doing ten years on and saying I was the one who created the divorce party idea.

“My inbox is just inundated with memories of my divorce party.

“My friends and I always used to go out in fancy dress in Brighton so we thought we would dress up for my divorce party.

“An Argus reporter asked us to pose on the steps of St John’s Church [in Church Road, Hove].

“Funnily enough that’s where I married Hamish later on. But since that night the story went viral.”

The Argus:

Jo met Hamish about ten years ago when she was living in Selborne Road in Hove.

He was just opposite in Second Avenue.

Despite living only doors apart for about three years, the two met on a dating site after Jo’s divorce and have been together ever since.

She said: “Hamish is the first and last person I met on the dating site.

“In my previous relationship I just had that feeling that something wasn’t quite right and I needed to make the change.

“I felt trapped but I am so glad I took that risk and went for that second chance.

“I ask people now do you just settle for all right or are you going to find something awesome?

“I have had people send messages to me saying ‘you were the girl who inspired me to have a party/get divorced’.

“I want people to feel inspired to change their lives if something doesn’t feel right.

“It was difficult to end things, but I am sitting here now, ten years on, thinking, wow, I made the right choice, I am happily married with a wonderful child. You just need to do it if you aren’t sure.”

Jo said her strong marriage has helped her through tragedy.

She had a miscarriage at nine weeks and then at five months. Her parents Jo, 66, and Bob, 64, died of cancer within a few years of each other.

She said: “I’m still burdened with grief and loss, but, despite having some of the worst and most trying of times thrown in our path, we are still such a strong couple.

“I never thought I’d marry my best friend and yet here I am.”