A WOMAN has told how she was terrified of the man she says raped her, after she heard him threaten to cut a man’s eyelids off.

Mahad Hussein is accused of “physically manoeuvring” the woman, into a dead-end alley off Ship Street in Brighton’s Lanes, before raping her twice.

Hove Crown Court was told the young woman had met Hussein, who she knew by the nickname Major, earlier that evening and been to a party with him and a friend at a house near the Clock Tower.

She told police they left the party after an incident with the man who lived there.

She said: “We went to the park in Regency Square and sat on a bench and had another drink. We were sitting there and my friend told me she wanted to go home. I said ‘okay. We will go’.

“She went one way, I went the other.

“I thought I was walking home by myself, but he must have followed me.

“I next remember being in the Lanes by Marwood’s café.

“He said if you want to leave you have to give me a blow job.

“I was scared.

“I thought he had something on him like a knife or something.

“When we were in the house he said to one of the other boys ‘if he lets anyone else come round I will cut his eye lids off.’ There was a knife on the table in front of him.”

She described the knife as an “ordinary kitchen knife” with a black handle. She told police there had been a fight between Hussein and a man called Spider – who’s house the party was at, and that she had seen Spider lying on the floor.

The jury was shown CCTV footage showing Hussein “manhandling” the woman and the pair engaged in a sex act in the alleyway, but his alleged victim said she could not remember large portions h]of the night.

Marie Spenwyn (corr) defending Hussein said he admitted pulling her into the alleyway – but because she was trying to alert some other youn men who had previously stabbed him

“Major said he recognised someone who had stabbed him last year and they were looking at a way to get their own back.

“You engaged intimately with him but willingly. You told him to pull your hair.

“What he says is you continued to say you were enjoying it.

“Towards end of the contact in the alleyway he said to you ‘ you do it better than my girl - at which point you pulled away and were angry with him. “

“What he says is that when he left you you were absolutely fine, you weren’t upset, you weren’t crying.

“Everything that happened sexually between you was with your consent. He says there were not threats made to you.”

The young woman replied: “I don’t remember but I don’t think it would have happened.”

Opening the prosecution case on Monday, Dale Sullivan for the Crown said:

“We suggest that what can be seen on the footage other than sexual interaction is the defendant physically manoeuvring her into that alleyway.

“It shows her trying to leave, but the defendant grabbing hold of her hair and taking her head towards his groin.

“He was generally manhandling her.”

Hussein, 22, of Copenhagen Place, Tower Hamlets, London denies two counts of rape.

The trial continues.