A MAN looking for love said he was “excited but nervous” to appear on hit TV show Blind Date.

Seany Goodale, from Brighton, is among the contestants on the new season of the Channel 5 show.

It is presented by Paul O’Grady and is a revamp of the hit show that ran from 1985 to 2003 and was originally hosted by Cilla Black.

On the show, three contestants compete for a blind date with another.

The catch is that the three wanting a date are separated from their potential love interest by a wall – meaning that answers to questions are the only thing their match is based on.

Seany, who is the promotions manager at Maggie Mae’s bar in Preston Street, Brighton, will appear on the show on Sunday.

Of course the 27-year-old did not reveal how his search for a date went but did say he had a great time on the show.

He said: “I was excited but also nervous at the same time, but the team couldn’t have made me feel more welcome.

“I’ve always wanted to go on a blind date, but it is a weird experience not knowing who is behind that wall.

“I remember watching Blind Date with Cilla Black. My parents always had it on TV.

“I never thought I’d end up on it.

“The concept is exactly the same but since they’ve brought it back it seems a lot more fun and flirtatious.

“You can probably get away with a lot more now.”

Seany applied online in October and within a month was on the set of the show, in Maidstone, Kent, filming the episode.

He says that since the experience, which may or may not have ended with him bagging the blind date of his dreams, his confidence has grown.

He said: “I’ve always struggled in dating.

“I’m not a big fan of dating apps, I’m a bit old school.

“I want that cute kind of thing where I’m in town and bump into someone and drop my wallet and start from there.

“If I’m on a night out and see someone I like I won’t do anything with it.

“But since the show I’ve grown massively in confidence.

“I’ve started to not take as much notice of what people think.

“We can all sit and say ‘what if’ but sometimes you just have to take risks in life.”

Seany’s Blind Date episode airs on Channel 5 on Sunday at 8pm.