Riptide Wrestling: Pride of Brighton first round

Three stars

Brighton Youth Centre, Brighton, Sunday, June 9

FOR the first time Riptide Wrestling, normally an 18 and over affair, put on its first all ages show.

A younger crowd was in attendance to watch one of the British wrestling scenes most talked about new promotions.

This show saw the quarter finals take place of a tournament to crown the Pride of Brighton champion.

The competition is only allowed to be contested by wrestlers under the age of 25 or under the weight of 205 pounds - thus boosting the profile on the industry’s up and coming talent.

As well as the first all ages show, the performance also saw the company venture away from their usual home at the Brighthelm Centre.

The Brighton Youth Centre is light and bright with plenty of space for seating.

When you think of an independent wrestling show this is exactly the type of room you think of.

It takes a little while for the crowd to get going... when you’re used to chants that involve swear words it takes a bit more time to adapt them to a family friendly atmosphere... but once they do the show is classic Riptide, funny and fast paced.

There are hilarious moments, like good guy O.J.M.O beating up his opponent Kurtis Chapman with a banana.

And the tag team of Sugar Dunkerton and Gene Munney having plenty of fun at the expense of the aptly named Anti-fun Police.

As far as in ring action goes the quality certainly doesn’t waver from Riptide’s usual content.

Fast paced matches, including hometown star Jordan Breaks securing his place in the semi-finals of the Pride of Brighton tournament, certainly keep things lively.

The next round of the tournament takes place at the Open Air Theatre in August and will certainly be worth a family trip to.

Jamie Walker