A GUITAR store that may be haunted has published further proof it may be home to ghosts.

Guitar, Amp and Keyboard (GAK), in Brighton, uploaded a video to YouTube in May which appears to show a ghostly shadow moving across the shop floor.

Now the team at the store have uploaded a second video which they are hoping will serve as further proof the shop is haunted.

The video is taken from CCTV in the store at 5.17am on June 5.

Posting the video online the store said: “Our motion detectors detected movement in ‘The Vault’ so we checked the cameras and caught this.”

The electric guitar section of the store seems empty but then the guitars on the wall start swaying from side to side. 

Following that something else falls off the wall in another room... once again with nobody around. 

The video has already become popular on social media, with Facebook users debating whether it is real ghostly goings on at the shop or not.

Leigh Crowe said: “That guitar starts moving and then just stops dead, same momentum no graduation. Wow, intriguing.”

“Perhaps its [Jimi] Hendrix wanting to try out a new axe,” said Lloyd Burgess.

Wesley Webb gave his own analysis. He said: “Guitars not been put on the wall hangers properly and they’ve just re adjusted? And the paper flying off, could be again not put back properly and it just sprung off?”

GAK in Brighton has previously been thought to be home to ghosts.

In May the store uploaded a video to its Facebook page where it appears that a mysterious figure makes its way across the screen.

At the time of the first video being uploaded Mark said: “There’s always been incidents at the store.

“If something goes missing we always go and check what’s happening.

“We’ve not had any solid proof of ghosts, there’s always stuff falling over and that could just be coincidence.

“We film a lot for our YouTube channel and something odd will happen and you will think it’s a bit weird.

“Someone spotted it and we thought we’d put it online and see what people thought.

“People have questioned whether it was a live flare or a jump in filming but nobody really knows.”

To check out the video of the “haunted” store visit The Argus website.

Let us know what you think, do you reckon GAK could be haunted?