AMY Hart has taken her coupling with Curtis Pritchard to the next level on Love Island.

The popular pair are firm favourites with fans and are currently the bookies’ picks to win the show.

The pair’s on-screen antics have seen Amy’s odds slashed to just 21/20, while Curtis is currently top dog among the men in the villa priced at 11/10.

Their position was reinforced on Tuesday night when their fellow islanders voted for them to be the first couple to spend a night in the Hideaway, a romantic retreat away from the main villa.

During a conversation in a hot tub a nervous Curtis stumbled over his words as he said: “We have known each other for nine days and I feel like we can move on to the next step of being a couple.We are very close and very good together and I definitely don’t want to see anyone else. I know no one is going to walk through the door and turn my head at all.”

The couple agreed that it was “too soon” to officially become boyfriend and girlfriend, but wanted their relationship to be exclusive all the same. So Curtis, 23 asked Amy, 27, who is from Worthing, to be his “half girlfriend”. The former air hostess said the request was “a bit weird” but happily agreed, sealing the deal with a kiss.

But, Curtis, who is a ballroom dancer, did tease that he would be “popping the question” to Amy soon, joking that he felt like he was getting married.

Not all of the islanders have been so lucky in love.

Contestant Sherif Lanre was kicked off the show on Wednesday for “breaking villa rules”, just nine days after the show began.

The reason for the 20-year-old rugby player’s departure have not been confirmed, but sources told The Sun that he would “spend ages in the shower” and in bed. It is alleged that he did this because he did not get along with any of his fellow islanders and so would deliberately spend a long time getting ready to avoid taking part in chats and activities with them. After being axed, Sherif said in a statement: “In a case of poor judgment, I broke the villa rules and as a result agreed with the producers it was best for me to leave.”

Love Island is a British dating show in which a group of 20-somethings try to find a partner. Every few days the contestants have the chance to “re-couple”, choosing their favourite fellow islander to “couple up with”. Anyone left without a partner is at risk of being kicked off the show, and so misses out on the chance to take home the £50,000 prize.