There are plenty of good pubs in Brighton, great spots for those who like a drink - whether it be beer, cider or liquor. But some appreciate a fine glass of wine just as much, and if you don’t want to go to the pub for one then Jamie Walker has found out what the people of TripAdvisor think are the top wine bars in Brighton and Hove.

Ten Green Bottles

Four and a half stars (339 reviews)

Jubilee Street, Brighton

Opened in 2007 by Simon Broad and Sam Devaney, because of their shared love of wine, Ten Green Bottles is a deli and wine bar where you can either take a bottle home or enjoy it at a table with some classic bar snacks.

With wines handpicked and imported directly from the vineyards that produce them, the store has been highly commended for its quality.

PhilBKent said: “The choice of wines is exceptional and I have to say I was extremely pleased with the prices.”

Fourth and Church

Four and a half stars (102 reviews)

Church Road, Hove

The concept of a business that is both a store and a restaurant is something that is becoming increasingly popular in Brighton.

Much like Ten Green Bottles, Fourth and Church is a wine merchant where you can enjoy your latest purchase with a meal.

With a selection of options for lunch and dinner you won’t struggle to find a great food and wine pairing.

9500JMJ said: “I love that I can walk in and buy a good bottle of wine and a selection of charcuterie, or stay on one of the tables and eat seasonal ‘nibbles’ prepared by fabulous chefs.”


Four and a half stars (895 reviews)

Bartholomews, Brighton

Plateau prides itself on selecting natural wines that are sustainable and thus help the environment.

The restaurant has a large selection of wines on offer, and if you don’t feel like eating you can simply relax with a glass of red or white and watch the world go by from its fantastic location.

StephanecL3880EJ said: “Love the place, been coming for years and it still great.”

Cafe Malbec

Five stars (44 reviews)

Church Road, Hove

Another popular wine spot on Church Road, Cafe Malbec knows good wine and good tapas to go with that wine.

The pairing of food and wine is essential and this restaurant has got it down to a tee.

With a special South American and Latin flare this place has got great appeal.

HecToki said: “The Argentine sparkling is really high quality and good value for money.”

Divino Wine Bar

Four stars (109 stars)

Church Road, Hove

Church Road definitely isn’t short on wine bars on this list.

Divino, as you may be able to tell by its name, is known for partnering its wines with authentic Italian food.

The restaurant is usually busy and proves there is plenty of demand for the level of wine bar competition in Hove.

Mariamsay said: “Fantastic food, wines and very friendly service.”

Paris Wine Bar

Four and a half stars (112 reviews)

Church Road, Hove

This is getting silly now, people in Hove must really love wine.

Paris Wine Bar is another restaurant and bar that is busy more often than not and as we head into summer that’s sure to continue to be the case.

As the name may suggest, this spot pairs wine with some great French food.

Luca C said: “A very wide selection of wines and great knowledgeable service.”

Block Bar

Four and a half stars (58 reviews)

St James’s Street, Brighton

Block describes itself as a “friendly yet cutting edge” bar, based in Kemp Town.

With a wide selection of food and wines on offer - as well as plenty of other drinks to keep the rest of your friends happy - there is something for everyone at Block.

Philipmn said: “Somehow we seem to forget about this bar and when rediscovered it becomes a favourite again.”

What is your favourite wine bar in Brighton and Hove? Let us know.