A MUSICIAN has made a music video in a new tourist attraction.

Richard Michalec has recorded an instrumental song, which he has filmed a video for in Brighton’s Upside Down House.

The tourist hotspot, which often has long queues of people wanting to see inside, opened last month and has already become a popular tourist attraction.

Scenes from the video, called Gravity, include Richard rocking on his guitar on the ceiling above the attraction’s bed, kitchen and even toilet.

Richard, who lives in Brighton, said: “Last weekend I visited the Upside Down House by the i360 for the first time and the girls looking after the house were very nice and helpful and allowed me to take videos which then inspired me to make a quick tune and a music video.

“This shows how lucky the artists in Brighton are, including me, as we often have all these free ‘film sets’ to use and opportunities to be creative.

For the video Richard has given himself a new songwriting name, Les Bian.

He said the name was chosen to show his support for the LGBT community.

He said: “I came up with the idea and looked it up online and to my surprise no one seemed to be using it yet, or at least I didn’t find anything online.

“I am straight but I want to support the lesbian and gay community in Brighton and my LGBT friends.”

Richard has been making music for years, but would not give his exact age claiming “Age is not important, I could be 3,000 years or one million years old, who knows.

“I am an artist without an age.”

The songwriter made headlines earlier this year when he posted a video for his song We Should Be on YouTube.

Richard was searching for a woman to sing the vocals on the song.

We Should Be was posted on the online but has been viewed only 254 times.

What do you think of his new release?