ONE of Pink Floyd’s best known records is one of the most expensive to be sold in the UK.

Fronted by Hove resident David Gilmour, Pink Floyd’s 1973 release Dark Side of the Moon is considered one of the finest records of all time.

As well as being a musical masterpiece the album is also worth a lot of money.

According to a list by music website Discogs, the album ranks in the top 50 most expensive albums ever sold in the UK.

The Vinyl LP, Gatefold Sleeve edition of the record, released on Harvest, was sold in 2018 for the sum of $3,242 (£2,557).

It means it ranks 31st in the list of most expensive records sold in the country.

Containing well known hits like Us and Them, Time and The Great Gig in the Sky, Dark Side of the Moon is often heralded as one of Pink Floyd’s greatest albums.

David Gilmour joined Pink Floyd following the departure of lead singer Syd Barrett.

When Dark Side of the Moon was released in March of 1973 it became Floyd’s second best performing record - at the time - charting at number two in the UK charts.

Another Pink Floyd record makes the Discogs list, the band’s debut album The Piper at the Gates of Dawn comes in at number 50. It was released in 1967, before Gilmour joined the band.

Other famous bands who feature on the list include The Sex Pistols, The Beatles and Pet Shop Boys.