A MAN campaigning for pigeon proofing on a railway bridge is hoping the planned works are not done on the “cheep cheep”.

The bridge in New England Road, Brighton, has been dubbed “Pigeon Poo Bridge” by residents, mothers and even the local vicar.

They say birds have been defecating – and dying – underneath the bridge, which is near Preston Circus, for years.

And in February, they demanded Network Rail take action.

Network Rail has now said it has appointed a contractor who will begin the work to pigeon proof the bridge in July. It is expected to take approximately three weeks of overnight work to complete.

A spokesman added “We have kept local stakeholders up to date with our plans and will continue to work with them to deliver the necessary improvements.”

Ty Goddard, the man who is campaigning for better pigeon proofing, has described the statement as “positive news”.

He said: “We need it properly pigeon proofed with wire mesh as opposed to netting.

“We need a decent job done, not on the cheep cheep.

“There’s a situation where pigeons are getting trapped and pedestrians are walking through pigeon poo.”