A CLEAN-up team were shocked to discover 300 rusty nails on the beach.

The Friends of Hove Lagoon and Surfers Against Sewage took to the seaside on Sunday to clear up the area near the Deep Sea Anglers Club.

They were shocked to find 40kg of rubbish - including long rusty nails buried in the pebbles.

Councillor Robert Nemeth was one of a 40 strong clean-up team and believes the nails were from a fire on the beach.

He said: “As regular clean-up volunteers, we were quite upset to see just how little some people respect our beach and seafront generally.

“Councillor Garry Peltzer Dunn and I will be reporting this to the seafront team on the assumption that fires are being made during the night.

“If anybody has any information, please contact us.”