Woman to Woman

Theatre Royal, Brighton

Monday, June 24

THE Woman to Woman tour brings together three women who have each made a mark on a certain decade in music. The Argus spoke to the stars of the show - Julia Fordham, Beverley Craven and Judie Tzuke - about what fans can expect.

How was the recent tour, any standout moments?

Beverley: Woman to Woman is everything I’d hoped it would be, and more.

My personal favourite shows were last year at the Gateshead Sage and the London Union Chapel.

Tracey Ullman introduced us at the Union Chapel - what a coup.

And my three daughters also came to that show, which was lovely for me.

The Sage is an impressive venue too - I’ve never played the big hall before, so that was a first.

Another memorable gig was at the Apex in Bury St Edmunds because Kiki Dee made a surprise guest appearance.

Judie: It was such a brilliant experience.

To perform with my new friends and be in a girl band was a lot of more fun than I could have imagined.

There was something magical between us when we walked on stage which seemed to happen at every show.

Julia: The tour was amazing.

It was such a treat to be playing such lovely theatres.

The highlight for me would be the reaction from the audience at Union Chapel in London.

Tracy Ullman introduced us and the atmosphere was electric.

It is such a stunning venue and to be there with such incredible musicians and my two gal pal band members singing to a sold out crowd with each and every one of our daughters in the audience was so magical and memorable.

You’ve released two singles and the Woman to Woman Album throughout the duration of the tour, how have these been for you and how do you feel they’ve been received?

Beverley: I am extremely proud to have made a great album with Judie and Julia.

The album has been selling like hot cakes at the shows.

There really is something for everyone on that album.

I must say though, I was totally against the idea of releasing singles, I literally just wanted for us to go out and tour together, if I’m being honest - the charts aren’t what they were back in my day and I didn’t personally think we should have been competing for radio playlists and trying to make the Top 20.

Live music is so much more of an experience.

Judie: I don’t think they could have been received better, the feedback was overwhelming.

People really reacted to Safe.

Lyrically it seemed to appeal to many people who were going through difficult situations.

Not surprising really as it was written at the end of a difficult time for myself, and it seemed to help soothe them and me.

A little more radio play would have been nice, but when it was played we were genuinely stunned how people welcomed this project so warmly.

Julia: Only Safe was a proper released and serviced single.

It so perfectly illustrates our unique blend and was really what got the ball rolling for us.

After Graham Norton played it on his Radio 2 show there was an immediate and huge chain reaction.

The whole tour pretty much sold out from that first play.

Other TV shows were listening and called and booked us.

The follow up track was another stellar song written by Judie called If.

Both Safe and If are great songs that feature our harmonies prominently.

I was delighted and honoured that both Bev and Jude felt so strongly that A Photo Every Christmas should be included on our Woman To Woman album.

I have had tremendous feedback about that song in particular and I really enjoyed singing it in our live set and we also made a lovely video for it starring Bev’s Mum Gilly and her dog Lizzie.

I am very proud of the album and have had many fans and folks tell me they love every track and how it flows from start to finish and how they haven’t listened to a record over and over for ages but something about the Woman To Woman album connects with them and they have it on continuously.

How did you find the differing types of performance in relation to your own music?

Beverley: I think the diversity of the music and performances made for a really great, value for money show.

The feedback from all of our fans has been 100 per cent positive, which is hugely gratifying.

There seems to be a synergy between the three of us, the blend of our voices works really well and the fact that we are all introspective singer songwriters has enabled us to appeal to each other’s fans too.

Judie: Coming together as a trio brought a different dimension to many of the songs we have been performing as solo artists throughout our career.

It was exciting to hear different aspects to the music and to have Bev and Julia bringing their own quirks and sounds to the music.

Julia: I absolutely loved having Beverley and Judie singing on my songs.

Hearing their heavenly voices on Porcelain is a nightly highlight.

I was a big fan of Judie’s classic gem For You and I used to sing along to it non-stop at home and to now actually be singing it live with her and Bev on stage it’s like some sort of enchanted full circle dream come true.

I first heard Promise M” in a record shop in Oxford Street, “who is the angelic siren singing” I thought to myself.

I have loved watching and hearing Beverley sing her smash hit at the shows.

She is a fantastic musician too and can really make that piano sing and swing.

I think that the three of us really fit together well in styles of performance. Bev is so witty and has the audience in stitches with her between song patter, I call her Jackie Dee.

Judie looks so lovely standing at the mic effortlessly singing her beautiful songs.

Is there anywhere you’re specifically looking forward to performing?

Beverley: I always feel very lucky to be performing in beautiful, old, ornate venues so I’m looking forward to the Brighton Theatre Royal.