THIS is a map for all serious crime recorded in Brighton and Hove in April.

The data is taken from official police records and it has been mapped out across the city.

The boundaries of the map range from Kingston Lane in Southwick to the eastern edge of Peacehaven.

There are nine types of crime recorded: antisocial behaviour, bicycle theft, burglary, criminal damage / arson, drugs, possession of weapons, public order offences, robbery, and violent and sexual offences.

You can toggle each crime type by clicking the expand button in the top left of the map.

Total Crime: 2,532

Anti social behaviour: 542

Bike theft: 57

Burglary: 101

Criminal damage / arson: 218

Drugs: 64

Public order: 204

Possession of weapons: 28

Robbery: 43

Violence and sexual offences: 677