A famous club night will close its doors for the final time this month, after more than 30 years in business. Jamie Walker reports as the entertaining evening bids farewell.

THE RENOWNED Zap Arts club night will close its doors for the final time at the end of the month.

Zap will host its last ever event on June 22 at The Old Market in Hove.

Called The Final Programme and the future of Art, Zap’s final club night will mark the closing of Zap Arts - the company that established the night back in 1982.

The night is saying goodbye due to the closure of Zap Arts, which shut its doors in March.

Neil Butler, founder of Zap, said: "When Zap started it was anarchic and controversial and quickly became popular with a mixture of alternative comedy and every art form.

"It is sad to be playing the last ever Zap gig but it will also be a massive celebration featuring artists from every part of our history.

"It is called the 'Final Programme....the future of art' because it also features young very exciting performers who represent the incredible talent we see stretching into the future."

The Zap started life as a cabaret night in Brighton 37 years ago as a night that combined art and entertainment.

Over the years the club became one of UK’s most successful underground clubs being one of the first to present house music, mixing it with performance art, dance and video.