VEGAN activists targeting businesses are part of a 40-year plan to “force animal eaters to hide in remote refuges”.

The aims of the DxE organisation, whose Brighton chapter has been protesting at shops in the city, are revealed in a document titled “The Forty-Year Roadmap to Animal Liberation”.

The document, found on DxE’s website, details plans to “generate institutional power” so it can enact a Bill of Rights for all animals and a legal system to prosecute “animal eaters”.

To do this, the document shows how activists plan to create a number of “seed cities” which push cultural, social and political change.

The “strategic roadmap” details how they will “execute mass actions” in the seed cities and “use carrots and sticks” to pressure local businesses and “stigmatise the opposition”.

They will then create “power voting blocs in cities” that will not vote for any party that does not support greater protection for animals.

In 2055, the activists are aiming to enact a Bill of Animal Rights in one or more countries which would “codify animal rights and species equality”.

It aims to make sure two to three per cent of a country’s GDP is put towards putting all animals into a lifetime sanctuary.

The group is planning the creation of a new arm of the Ministry of Justice called the Animal Rights Division, which protects all animals from suffering and harm.

The website states: “Remaining conservative organisations that expressly oppose animal rights are relegated to the margins of society.

“Animal eaters are forced to hide in remote refuges and, when identified, are prosecuted by the Animal Rights Division.”

DxE started in Berkley, America, in 2013 and has since spread across the Atlantic and into Brighton.

Activists across the world, including those in Brighton, can apply for grants for their activities. The funds are given by a tax exempt charity based in America called Friends of DxE.