RAMPAGING youths set light to deckchairs and stamped a seagull to death – the same night as a police meeting about curbing their behaviour.

Gangs of teenagers, aged between 14 and 19, have been causing havoc in Seaford and Newhaven over the past six months.

Residents report that bikes have been stolen, property vandalised and set on fire and there have been a number of break ins.

Sprouting trees have been destroyed and one man, aged in his thirties, was set upon by a group and stabbed in Newhaven.

In response, officers from the Lewes District Prevention Team held a public meeting on Friday to address resident’s concerns about antisocial behaviour.

But that same night, a cafe’s deckchairs were set ablaze and a resident saw a seagull being stamped to death by nine “feral” boys screaming “die f***er”.

Seaford Town Council, whose own properties have been targeted by break-ins, said it was taking a number of measures to protect residents.

A spokesman said: “We have more than 700 kids using facilities in positive way for rugby, football and cricket but there’s a very, very small minority who seem to be set on causing trouble.

“We need to seriously get everyone together to see how we address the minority of youths causing problems.”

The spokesman said new CCTV systems are being installed and a meeting will be held with police.

Newhaven Town Council said widespread concerns were triggered after the stabbing of a man in the town on June 2.

According to reports, there is a “core group” of children who are causing problems in the area.

A spokeswoman said: “This seems to be a good moment for the community to step forward and address the situation together, not only by raising money but also reaching out to neighbours and looking out for each other.

“This particular group will grow up and move on.

“Some may end up in prison and others will grow out of it.

“But there will always be other kids who will pick up where they left off.”

Lewes District Inspector Ed Ripley said “My team has relentlessly policed key areas and taken robust action against individuals – a total of 57 arrests have been made since September last year.”

“I want to assure people that we are targeting individuals as well as problem areas, briefing and directing policing teams to help curb the issues in the area.

“We are working with the community, councillors and local authority, and we want the public to help be our eyes and ears too.”