THE FAMILY of a father and son who have disappeared in Spain have shared an emotional appeal for information.

Daniel and Liam Poole, from Burgess Hill, had travelled to Malaga in Spain in March.

But their last contact with their family was on April 1.

The duo checked into a hotel, but have not been seen since. They had left their passports and luggage at the hotel.

Now 46-year-old Daniel’s daughter Lauryn has made tearful a plea for information to find her father and brother.

She told the police: “We just all had that family life that everyone wanted, and now it’s gone to we’re here, missing them, and nothing is the same any more.

“They are not just two people that have gone missing. That’s my dad and that’s my brother, and they’re people that we adore and love.

“Just anything would mean so much to us. Someone must know something.

“If there’s anybody out there who knows my dad and my brother, or knows anything about their trip in Spain, just come forward and let us know.”

Meanwhile 22-year-old Liam’s mum Lisa said: “Liam’s disappearance consumes every waking hour of my day and every day I hope and pray for news.

“He has been missing for nearly three months now and this is such a long time not to speak to someone who has been a big part of your life.

“As time goes on, hope begins to fade. Someone must know something to give us the answers we desperately need.

“He is desperately missed by all of the family and all we are asking is if anyone knows anything to get in contact with the police.”

Last month it was revealed that they had not taken their passports with them.

British and Spanish police are investigating their disappearance.

Detective Chief Inspector Emma Heater said: “One possibility that must be considered, as they have not contacted family or friends, is that they have come to harm.

“We know that Daniel and Liam hired a grey Peugeot 308 car registration number 0254KTM when they arrived in Spain but this has not been returned to the car hire firm.

“Their family are very concerned about them as they last heard from them on April 1, the lack of contact is out of character for the pair.

“The family are being supported by family liaison officers and are being kept informed.”

Anyone with information should contact Sussex Police online or call 101 and quote Operation Pheasant.