ONE wine bar has not been enough for a sommelier and his treasured wines.

Steve Pineau owns

speak-easy-style wine bar L’Atelier Du Vin in St George’s Place, Brighton.

He has now branched out and found a second venue – a former burger restaurant called Coggins & Co – to serve 800 bottles of his carefully selected wines to guests.

Atelier number two, under the same name, can be found in 83 Dyke Road, Brighton – for those who can find it.

Keeping in true prohibition style, the outside will not resemble a classic bar to keep what’s inside a little more of a secret.

As well as the extensive wine list, cheese and charcuterie will be served and other classic French dishes including boeuf bourguignon doused in red wine.

Mr Pineau, originally from Brittany in France, said: “I am very excited. This area of Brighton, the Seven Dials, will really like what we do I think and I think it’s a great location.

“We will have a bigger range of wines on offer than our place in St George’s Place, I think we will have about 800, and some spirits.

“The space is also bigger, we can have about 50 seated inside and another 45 outside.”

Mr Pineau said the new bar has a large garden at the back for people to enjoy as they sample a drink.

He said: “It’s a great garden and people can enjoy sipping the wines outside this summer.”

The new venue will also feature an “Atelier classic” that can be found in both locations – a wooden bar, built by Mr Pineau himself, with drawers all along the front and hundreds of copper pennies lined along its surface.

Mr Pineau will also be launching a L’Atelier Du Vin members’ club for those interested in deals and furthering their knowledge about wine.

He said: “It will be great to have an opportunity to give people special deals on our wines. Also within the members’ club we can help advise people what wine to buy that they try at the bar. This will be a general club across both the bars.”

Mr Pineau has promised a small library in the new venue containing books that belonged to the late Gerard Basset OBE, a master sommelier who died in January.

He said: “We will have some of the books that taught this man a lot about wine and they will be available for other people to look at and enjoy.”

Ten foodie pop-ups will also be available throughout the year where prestigious chefs from London and Brighton will visit to pair food with the wine. Mr Pineau hopes to have the bar up and running in July.