ARMED police held a woman on the ground and pointed a gun at her in a city centre street.

Officers arrested the woman in London Road, Brighton, at about 10am this morning.

A witness said: "I heard a female officer shouting at a woman to 'get on the floor'.

"Another police officer in plain clothes carrying a large gun got out of an unmarked black car and also shouted at the woman telling her to get on the floor.

The Argus:

"There were also two more officers and they pinned the woman on the ground and handcuffed her, but I don't know what she was doing.

"There was a bag on the floor and the police officers looked like they were searching it before another police car pulled up. She was put inside and taken away."

The arrest was made at the junction between London Road and Francis Street, near Nova Cafe.

Another witness said: "I had just entered Poundland when I heard a commotion.

The Argus:

"There were male voices shouting and so I went back outside to see a young woman with headphones on being held down by armed police officers.

"They were warning her not to resist and they were armed, but the struggle only lasted a few moments."

A Sussex Police spokesman said: "Police have arrested a 27-year-old woman for affray in London Road, Brighton, at about 10am this morning.

"Officers were called to the area after a member of the public reported a woman with, what was believed to be, an axe. 

"An area search was conducted but no weapon was found. 

"The woman remains in custody and enquiries are ongoing." 

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