STORMY conditions are expected to batter Sussex again today.

But experts say the county will see 25C heat and clear skies by the weekend.

Thunder and heavy rain have been predicted for today as the Met Office has put a yellow weather warning across the whole county.

A spokesman warned there was a chance that “homes and businesses could be flooded quickly, with damage to some buildings from floodwater, lightning strikes, hail or strong winds”.

He added that there could also be “fast flowing or deep floodwater causing danger to life”, “delays and some cancellations to train and bus services where flooding or lightning strikes occur” and a chance of power cuts.

The spokesman advised drivers to reduce their speed during the wet weather and to delay starting their journey if a heavy downpour is expected.

He added: “Roads will be more slippery than usual in wet weather.

“Be sure to give yourself more time to react when approaching a hazard and increase the gap between your car and the vehicle in front to at least four seconds.

“Also keep your eyes peeled on the road at all times as spray from other vehicles can suddenly reduce your visibility. Remember it affects others too, so anticipate their actions and be prepared.”

The Met Office spokesman also gave advice on how to stay safe in a thunderstorm.

He said during a thunderstorm people should avoid using objects including landline phones, taps and sinks, as well as activities such as golf, rod fishing or boating on a lake.

Met Office meteorologist Simon Partridge said: "The storms have arrived along the south coast of England from the Isle of Wight to the Dover Strait with increasing amounts of thundery activity.

"Those storms are expected to clear by the time we get to 7am, leaving some light rain for an hour or so before it gets drier through the morning.

"The storms will continue north-eastwards over parts of East Anglia and the Humber before edging out over the North Sea.

"There could be some localised flooding, but certainly some surface water flooding which can cause problems to drive through as well as spray.

"So the early morning commute could be challenging, especially in areas north of London as that's where the heaviest rain will be at that point."

The storms are being fed by an area of warm air that brought a muggy night for many - with temperatures only falling to 20C in some parts of the South East.

Sussex was placed under a yellow weather warning for thunderstorms throughout yesterday, and the weather warning was originally set to last until midnight tonight.

But this was shortened yesterday evening to last until 10am.

Last weekend the South coast saw dramatic scenes as thousands of lightning forks struck the area.

Storm-chasers raced to capture the scene and many photographers snapped stunning photos as the extreme conditions hit Brighton.

Argus Camera Club member Stu Short caught the moment when several lightning bolts sparked around the i360.

But, despite the predicted storms and heavy rainfall, Brighton will supposedly see warm weather by the weekend. The Met Office has predicted that temperatures will soar to 25C on Saturday with a less than five per cent chance of rain.