A CAFE owner has warned other small businesses about a spate crimes. 
Melissa Ristagno said she felt shocked and violated by the break-in at Cafe Monella in Old Shoreham Road, Hove, on June 12. 
It was just one of a number of small businesses targeted by burglars. 
The Asiana Chinese supermarket was targeted in the early hours of Monday. 
On Thursday evening the Avabetsy cafe in Bolsover Road was broken into. 
Another cafe, a newsagent and a florist are also understood to have been burgled recently. 
Ms Ristagno, who lives above Cafe Monella, said she was concerned to hear about other small businesses in Hove being targeted. 
She said: “It makes me really angry that they came into my business uninvited. 
“They seem to know what they are doing. These are all small businesses.”
She heard the break-in, which happened overnight between June 12 and 13, and screamed through the door until the burglars fled, taking her till and two phones with them. 
She said: “I live above the cafe and heard them come in. 
“I came down and heard people in the shop and screamed behind the door. 
“I didn’t want to risk my life walking in on them, who knows whether they would have weapons or what they might do. 
“They stole the till and smashed the safety glass. 
“They took two phones and the next day our bank account was hacked so we think that might be how they got into it.
“There was a footprint on some glass, and the police told us to leave it. 
“But we had to open up – I couldn’t lose any more business.
“The police told me to keep the cafe closed while I waited for someone to come and look at the footprint, but I have already had all this damage and I can’t keep the cafe closed even longer. 
“The police came but there was nothing they could do. 
“There was no CCTV in the area. 
“Then I heard about this other shop being done in Portland Road. 
“Business owners should be made aware. They should barricade their doors and make extra security measures. 
“I feel shocked and violated and really angry.”
Linda Lai, of  Asiana, published CCTV footage on Facebook showing the burglary at the shop. 
Mrs Lai said: “Two robbers broken in my shop. My CCTV catch their face very clear. If anyone recognise these faces or saw them break the front window to get in please report to police or inform us.”
The Argus contacted Sussex Police for comment.