On this day ten years ago The Argus went to meet University of Sussex product design students to see their latest creations. We also caught up with a woman tucking into a big lolly by the seaside.

Engineer Sean West lost the use of one arm but built himself a workshop to make items including miniature steam engines and razor holders for disabled people

Sean West, from Haywards Heath, is a successful engineer despite having only one arm

We caught up with Sean in his workshop

Product design students pictured with some of their inventions. Pictured is from left, Alex Williams, 21, Anna Dugard, 22, Jonathan Casey, 23, and Ben Thomson, 21

in the photos we see press officer Danielle Treanor, playing with Seb Richards’ wind turbine

And Ben Thomson, 21, with his electrical plugs

Finally Corrine Walder, 21, of Brighton with a Fab ice lolly sculpture created by ice sculptor Duncan Hamilton