A SINGER will see his new musical debut in London.

Alex James Ellison, from Brighton, has written, produced and stars in the show, which he wrote with writing partner Tom Lees.

It is called Fiver and will have its world premiere at the “off West End” Southwark Playhouse next week.

Alex, 27, who grew up in Bonchurch Road is an accomplished guitarist and has performed as a solo musician as well as in multi-act shows.

The show has taken two years to develop.

Alex said: “We have expanded the show, both in terms of length and complexity.

“Fiver now runs 40 minutes longer and we are massively excited to see the changes we have made come to life on stage.”

After studying at Dorothy Stringer High School, in Loder Road, Alex gained a place at the prestigious Brit School.

He then attended Mountview Academy for the Performing Arts in Peckham, graduating with a degree in musical theatre.

An active member of the Brighton Theatre Group, his big break came at the age of 11 when he appeared in the film Miss Potter alongside Renee Zellweger and Ewan McGregor.

Alex said that his upbringing on the South Coast was a big part of what made him who he is today.

He said: “Brighton is still a huge part of my life.

“All of my family are in Brighton, so I visit a lot and I still do gigs in the city.

“I most recently did a charity gig at the Latest Bar and loved it.

“My family are always pleased when I perform here as it means they don’t have to get on a train to see me.

“Brighton is famous for its music – so many artists perform here. I’m lucky to call such a creative place my hometown.”

Fiver follows the story of a humble £5 note as it passes through the hands and pockets of different people.

A synopsis of the show says: “Often unnoticed and obviously unaware, the fiver is present for significant moments in each person’s life – from an appreciation of their skills as a street performer, the start or end of relationships to the simple realisation that they can afford a bed for the night.”

Fiver opens on Wednesday and runs for three weeks until Saturday, July 20.

Tickets are on sale now.