A WOMAN jumped for joy as she left court after being spared a prison sentence for burglary.

Tiffany Lethby raided five homes in Worthing, using a crowbar to open windows and doors with pal Brian Lee.

They stole treasured items such as jewellery, and also took cash and bank cards from people’s homes.

The 29-year-old’s life spiralled out of control after she was introduced to heroin, cocaine and crack by a former partner.

In less than a year Lethby lost her stable job working at a funeral directors.

Her “fall from grace was spectacular and severe”, Brighton Crown Court heard.

She admitted five burglaries, fraud using a stolen bank card to buy herself a sandwich in Greggs, handling stolen goods, and allowing herself to be carried in a car taken without the owner’s consent.

Judge Anne Arnold heard that Lethby has a life-threatening heart condition, but has managed to kick her drugs habit.

She was given a suspended prison sentence for one year and nine months.

Christopher Prior, prosecuting, said the burglaries took place between July 6 and August 4 last year in Worthing and Shoreham.

In one haul she took a gold signet ring and someone’s wallet before using a bank card to buy a sandwich. She also handled stolen goods from a burglary committed by Lee, who was jailed last year for three years and four months.

A victim from that burglary said: “I have lived here for 35 years, I cannot go out without feeling scared.

“It was very upsetting, I feel violated and vulnerable in my own home.”

Charles MacDonald, defending, said Lethby, of Chippers Close, Worthing, suffers from a life-threatening heart condition.

He said she has a realistic prospect of rehabilitation and is an “exceptional case”.

Mr MacDonald said: “Her former partner introduced her to class A drugs and drug users into her home, her lifestyle was dominated by their presence.

“Then her lifestyle became more chaotic, she was unable to hold down a job.

“Her fall from grace was spectacular and severe.”

Judge Arnold said it was an “exceptional” case, but told her one victim no longer felt safe at home.

“That’s what burglary does to people,” the judge said.

Lethby jumped for joy on the steps outside court.